Sunday, 27 December 2015

Sway & King Tech - Follow 4 Now

Sway & King Tech - Follow 4 Now - Giant Records- 1991 

When this dropped in 1991 it was nice blast from the past for the handful of B Boys that had continued to break through the dark ages 1987- 1994 as it contained the break from Hip Hop Be Bop by Man Parrish. 

The B Side is also Dope! thanks to King Tech on cuts and production and not forgetting the slick rhymes from MC Sway.

Saturday, 26 December 2015

Dimples D - Sucker D.J.'s - I Will Survive

Dimples D - Sucker D.J.'s - I Will Survive - Partytime Records - 1983 

Early Marley Marl production, whats really interesting he went on to use this record two years later in 1985 when he cuts up Dimples D's voice in Marley Marl scratch.

Monday, 21 December 2015

Supreme DJ Nyborn - Versatility

Supreme DJ Nyborn - Versatility - Payroll Records - 1988

I have three variations of this record and all of them are on Green Transparent Vinyl.

Versatility bw Smoove Style

Versatility bw Rhymes From A Swift Mind

Versatility bw Versatile Extension

Busy Bee - Suicide

Busy Bee - Suicide -Strong City Records - 1987 

Busy Bee best known for his appearance in Wild Style but for me his best appearance was as part of the "Marvelous Three" on the track Rappin All Over.

(somebody sell me that record) I have only ever seen one copy in the flesh and it was not for sale.

Run DMC - Down With The King

Run DMC - Down With The King - Profile Records - 1993 

Serious collaboration between 

Pete Rock, CL Smooth and RUN DMC

A Tribe Called Quest - Scenario

A Tribe Called Quest - Scenario - Jive Records - 1992 

Big tune in the early 1990's don't hear it much anymore.

Biz Markie - Biz Is Goin' Off

Biz Markie - Biz Is Goin' Off - Cold Chillin Records - 1988 

Classic backed with The Do Do.

Glamorous - Good To Go

Glamorous - Good To Go - Prism Records - 1988

Glamorous returns to wax after featuring on two earlier records. 

The first I believe was in 1986 as one of the Glamour Girls on Oh! Veronica which featured Craig G on beat box and Sweet Tee as the other Glamour Girl and then the 1987 12" Evolution & Juice Crew All Stars. 

This time she has what I believe to be her first solo release. 

Not sure why but this record never seems to turn up? 

I have seen it change hands for around $500 USD A few times.

D.J. Polo & Kool G. Rap - Rikers Island

D.J. Polo & Kool G. Rap - Rikers Island - Cold Chillin Records - 1987 

There are two variants of this record. 

The original first press has Rikers Island Backed with an Instrumental Dub, but there is also a version that came out around the same time that has Rhyme Time on the B Side. Both the A Side labels are identical however, the B side labels tell a different story. 

Also notice Kool G Rapp is spelt with an extra P.

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Craig G - Shootin' The Gift

Craig G - Shootin' The Gift - Atlantic Records - 1989

Some nice joints from Craig G which are often over looked, Don't Sleep!

Freshco & Miz - We Don't Play

Freshco & Miz - We Don't Play - Tommy Boy Records - 1990 

I remember my friend picking this up on its day of release and telling me it was dope. As soon as he played it to me I went and got my very own copy and I am glad I did.

Roxanne Shante - Have A Nice Day

Roxanne Shante - Have A Nice Day - Cold Chillin Records - 1987

Picked this up in 1987, Shante had moved on to dissing BDP after finishing off UTFO. I always loved the picture cover sleeve on this one.

Jewel-T - I Like It Loud

Jewel-T - I Like It Loud - Jewel Records - 1988 

I remember buying this the day it came out, my local store had only one copy which I was so pleased to have snapped up.

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Roxanne Shante - Roxanne's Revenge

Roxanne Shante - Roxanne's Revenge - Pop Art Records - 1984 

This is the original 2 track version of this release with the original unedited lyrics and original music. 

On this version Marley actually cuts up the Big Beat Break! and Roxanne Roxanne by UTFO the very record they were responding to. 

As far as I understand Shante performed this for the first time live on the radio and it was recorded on tape which was used a few days later to press the first batch of records. 

The sound quality is actually fairly good but you can tell its not a perfect studio take. Whats really interesting towards the end of the record if you listen really close you can hear the show presenter Mr Magic talking when the record starts to fade out.

 The record was then later re-recorded in the studio and the track lost its edge and most people forgot how the original sounded.

Gang Starr - Movin' On

Gang Starr - Movin' On - Wild Pitch Records - 1988 

Another early Gang Starr joint that's still banging!

The MC's are Guru (Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal) and Damo Dee Ski, plus the legend that is DJ Mark the 45 King.

Antoinette - Who's The Boss

Antoinette - Who's The Boss - Next Plateau Records - 1989  

Was always a fan of Antoinette's accent, Queens I believe?

An underrated MC with great rhymes and lyrical delivery.

Public Enemy - Shut Em Down

Public Enemy - Shut Em Down - Def Jam Records - 1991 

1991 This was Pete Rock's Year!

Main Source - Watch Roger Do His Thing

Main Source - Watch Roger Do His Thing - Actual Records - 1990 

Really nice interesting private press on Actual Records with the dope track Large Professor on the flip.

EPMD - Gold Digger

EPMD - Gold Digger - Def Jam Records - 1990 

YZ & G.Rock - In Control Of Things

YZ & G.Rock - In Control Of Things - Tuff City Records - 1989 

I had a few label variations of this 12" over the years however, I cant remember why I settled on this version, maybe because it had the Tuff City company sleeve.