Saturday, 27 February 2016

Latee - No Tricks

Latee - No Tricks - Wild Pitch Records - 1988 

Not as hard hitting as This Cuts got Flavor but still in the hall of fame.

Mantronix With M.C. Tee - Fresh Is The Word

Mantronix With M.C. Tee - Fresh Is The Word - Sleeping Bag Records - 1985 

Very Fresh for 1985!

The Bizzie Boyz - Hold The Lafta

The Bizzie Boyz - Hold The Lafta - Payroll Records - 1989

Check all your Payroll Records! 

Mine are all on Green transparent Vinyl

BZ2 M.C.'s - We're Troopers

BZ2 M.C.'s - We're Troopers Strong City Records - 1987 

Slept on from 1987.

Big Daddy Kane - Ain't No Half-Steppin Remix

Big Daddy Kane - Ain't No Half-Steppin Remix - Cold Chillin Records - 1988

A very sort after record to which I was lucky enough to find a long time ago.

It has always be impossible to find. I believe it was strictly an A list DJ Only Promo.

Eric B Featuring Rakim - Eric B. Is President

Eric B Featuring Rakim - Eric B Is President - Zakia Records - 1986 

One of the biggest game changers in hip hop history Awesome!

Mark B Rest In Peace!

I last posted on this blog around December 2015.

By January 2016 I had heard my old friend Mark B had passed away.

I first knew Mark around the late 1980's early 1990's we would often trade and dig for records together. For those of you that have taken the time to read my other posts you will know I had often referenced Mark. 

He was one of the very few real London diggers from that period, not only was he a very knowledgeable record collector he would often hold Jams that rocked many venues in and around London. That time was know as the Dark Ages, the time when there were only a few Hip Hop, Electro, and Rap collectors left hunting records in the UK. 

Mark helped Keep this scene alive when many others had written it off.

Mark later went on to achieve some amazing success with his music Production.

I was blessed to have known mark in those early days and find it hard to comprehend my old friend has gone. As tribute to him I am posting the Documentary Mark did in 2002 called: 

Mark B Presents Black Market Breaks 

There are 4 parts and from the opening you can here Mark talking. 

Rest in Peace my old friend.